Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alone but never lonely.

7 bilion people living on a tiny planet, suspendet in a vastness of space... all alone. How we make sense of that was the biggest mistery of our fragile existence. Maybe being alone, in the universe, holds up together. Keeps us need one another in this most shiftless ways. Creating a quantum entainment... of you... of me... of us. And if that is really true, than we live on a world where everything's possible.

7 milione de oameni trăiesc pe aceiaşi planetă minusculă, suspendată în vastitatea spaţiului... singuri-singurei. Modul în care i-am dat sens, este marele mister al fragilei noastre existenţe. Poate faptul că suntem singuri, în univers, ne ţine laolaltă. Ne face să avem nevoie unul de celălalt, în cele mai neputincioase moduri. Creând un amestec cuantic... din tine... din mine... din noi. Şi dacă chiar este adevărat, atunci trăim într-o lume unde totul este posibil.
-Touch season 1 episode 2-


  1. Thank you for comment about Safe&Sound in my blog!
    I really like your blog, love this post is really
    inspiring and sweet!
    Have a nice week and take care :)


  2. The world is a strange place and it's no use trying to make sense of it. I'm just living, that's enough most of the time.



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