Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So fuckin' happy!

-All right. Fuck it! Come and gay-me!
-Are you goin' to dance, or what?

Skins season 6 episode 3
Hahaha, bitches. I found it!!!!

Got bones all through the backyard, but he likes to drink tea.

EN: Bleahh, I have a flu, and I'm kind of happy because I stayed home today. yey! But on the other side I'm feeling so sick, and I fell like I'm slowly and painful dying, but heiii, I'm going to be ok, at least, right?

RO: Am luat o răceala rea rău de tot, dar sunt într-un fel fericită pentur că am rămas azi acasă. Yey! Pe de altă parte îmi este aşa de rău, şi simt ca şi cum aş muri încet şi foarte dureros, dar hei, până la urmă am să ma simt bine, nu?

EN: I've done all my math homework, (God it was big), and I think that I'm very sleepy, because I barely slept last night. I have some tutoring today, and my mom forced me to go. I think that is not going to that bad, because I'm not alone... :) Mike have the same tutoring with me, so he's going to say some jokes, and we're going to laugh, even if I'm going to feel bad. So, yeah it's not that bad...

RO: Mi-am terminat toată tema la matematică (care, Doamne,  a fost imensă) şi cred că sunt cam somnoroasă, pentru că nu prea am dormit seara trecută. Am nişte meditaţii azi, la care mama m-a obligat să mă duc. Nu cred că o să fie chiar aşa de rău, pentru că nu am să fiu singură... :) Mike are meditaţii în acelaşi timp cu mine, şi pun pariu că o să mă facă să râd oricât de rău mă simt... Deci, da, nu o să fie chiar aşa de rău. 

EN: I know that is very-very boring what I wrote in here, but I just don't have inspiration... This never (almost never), happen to me, because I always found something to put in here. I just think that I'm very bored, and I have so much things for school on my head, and don't find time for my blog.

RO: Ştiu că tot ce am scris aici este foarte-foarte plictisitor, dar pur şi simplu nu am inspiraţie...  Nu mi se întâmplă niciodată (aproape niciodată) aşa ceva, pentru că eu mereu găsesc ceva tare de pus pe blog. Cred că sunt foarte plictisită, chiar dacă am multe de făcut pentru şcoală, şi pur şi simplu nu am timp pentru blog.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I fell in love with the moon, and married the sun.

I get bored (again) of seeing the same thing again, and again, so I changed my blog view. 
Hahaha. I told ya that it will not last long...

I have so much feelings inside of me, and I can not even describe them, because those're running so fast in my mind, and then they disappear like they never been there. Then my hart starts to fell in love, and then let people fall away, with no regrets, and then become to be jealous, and then fell again in love, and keep the feeling inside, and don't let the words came out of my mouth. And after this, I do things who make me look like a fool. I stop and think hours about what I did, and then I see so much mistakes. After this I realize that I have a lot of homework, and a lot of test for the coming day, and realize that I don't have enough time to think about this. And then I woke up, suddenly, at midnight, when I see that I lost  a lot of time, have a cold shower, and then I try to fell asleep, but I can't, because I have too much worries, and after I stop thinking about this I start worry about what I should wear next day, how to do my hair, what earrings to wear, and stuff like this. Then in the morning I'm in an incredible rush, because my school is far from home. Then I meet my class mates, and start to think what we should say to teachers for leaving us without have a test in that day, because nobody learned a thing. Have a lot of laugh, "be happy, don't worry" (how the song says), and then again get back home, have a little sleep, because I'm very tired, then start to worry for the nest day. Because this is my finish year, I fave a lot on my mind.... Ahh. Just 3 mouths till the big test, and then in another 2 mouths (almost) terminal test. I need to be sober every second, but I just can't do it. So, just 5 mouths and the hell is done, then the summer comes, and another worries will come out, because I need to get were I want... And then beside all of those things, are of course a lot of idiots who make your day, to turn in a shitty one, but fortunately there are S and S, with me! 
Da fuck!@
This blog is my only escape, and every time I write in here, I feel like a take a deep breathe, and then unfortunately come to the stress. I don't care about views. I'm just happy because I know that there are some people who read my blog...  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Does holy water make you pure?

If at some point we all succumb, for goodness sake let us be young, because time gets harder to outrun, and I'm nobody, I'm not done, with a cool cool breeze and dirty knees, I rest on childhood memories. We all got old at breakneck speed. Slow it down, go easy on me… go easy on me.
Put a wetsuit on, come on, come on, grow your hair out long, come on, come, put a t-shirt on, do me wrong, do me wrong, do me wrong.
If it's up and after you, what do you suppose that you would do? You're all whacked out from lack of sleep, you blame it on the friends you keep, you want to do things differently, and do them independently. We all got old at breakneck speed. Slow it down, go easy on me… go easy on me.
Does holy water make you pure? Submerged your vision's just obscured. You're a lot like me, in up to our knees, in over your chest is way too deep.

Beautiful song, gorgeous video. A lot of feelings.
I would love to go at some kind of festival, with good damn music, drink beer, and feel good. 
I love the Vaccines, since I heard 'All in white', who's very-very good. 
These guys are amaizing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let burn the cigarette somewhere. Ashes till it fall, fall, falls!

"Sometimes words can hurt you more than a punch in the face." 

                                                               Today, by Mike

This is what today Mike said to me, and I just can't stop thinking about this. God. He was right. :(
He just fuckin' knows everything, even if he sometime may look dumb. (most of the time)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kurt Cobain - 20/02/1967 - forever

"It's better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you're not!" 
                                                                -Kurt Cobain

I'm not like them, but I can pretend. The sun is gone, but I have a light. The day is done, I'm having fun, I think I'm dumb, or maybe just happy. Think I'm just happy.
My heart is broke, but I have some glue. Help me inhale, and mend it with you. We'll float around, and hang out on clouds, then we'll come down, and have a hangover. Have a hangover.
Sit in the sun, fall asleep, wish away soul is cheap. Lesson learned, wish me luck, soothe the burn, wake me up.
I'm not like them, but I can pretend. The sun is gone, but I have a light. The day is done, I'm having fun, I think I'm dumb, or maybe just happy. Think I'm just happy.

For the last... I don't know 6 mouths, or more, I'm obsessed with Nirvana, how I'm sure that you already noticed. I'm mean, I like him, I like his song, I understand what he wants to say, and I can say that somehow  I understand why he killed himself. Today he supposed to celebrate his 45 anniversary. It's a little dramatic. I mean take a look over the you tube. They still have a lot of view, and the band ended up 18 years ago, and they still are famous. 
The most important thing, is that Kurt never wrote songs for fans. He wrote songs for his soul, because that was the only way that he could get out of his sorrow.
I can not imagine how he felt when he put that gun at his head, I'm pretty sure that he wasn't happy, and I'm also very sure that he was a little bit high, and the pain with cocaine pushed him to do this. Maybe if he was still alive he wasn't happy now. Maybe this is the best for him. 
It feels awkward to say Happy Birth-day, to someone that died 18 years ago, so I'm just gonna,
love him forever, 

You don't want me, no, you don't need me, like I want you.

You don't want me, no, you don't need me, like I want you, oh, like I need you. You can't see me, no, like I see you. I can't have you?, no, like you have me. You can't feel me, no, like I feel you, I can't steal you, no, like you stole me.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

In a passionate kiss.

One baby to another says: I'm lucky to have met you. I don't care what you think, unless it is about me. It is now my duty to completely drain you. I travel through a tube, and end up in your infection.
 Chew your meat for you, pass it back and forth, in a passionate kiss, from my mouth to yours. I like you.
 With eyes so dialated, I've become your pupil. You've taught me everything, without a poison apple. The water is so yellow, I'm a healthy student, indebted and so grateful, vacuum out the fluids. 
                                                                                                                        NIRVANA - DRAIN YOU.

violet and tate.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life's too short for so much sorrow.

This is a quote from the AHS.

I told ya once how much I love American Horror Story, and how  much I like how Evan Peters (Tate), look. 
In just 3 days, I finished the entire season, because I liked very much.(this happend on the first days of December.)
Lately, unfortunately I can not find, another good serial how this one was. I mean I'm watching Alcatraz, and Falling Skyes, The Vamire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, 90210, Shameless, and some other, that I can't remember now, and none of those serials make me to want to see it in such a short time
I think that if Skins 6 were online, maybe that could be another serial, that I could watch in a short time, because I like it, but none other. I get bored very fast, because storyes are the same, and I just don't know. I want something new and fresh, that could keep me up all night, no matter what. 
I can not wait till the next season in October, because is such a log time... Ohhh. Bleah!
The most sensitive part from this season, was when Violet died, and Tate was trying to save her, and how he was desperate. Another sesitive part of the serial, is when Tate cries. I don't know how the fuck the regisors made him to cry so bad, and that doesn't even looked like a fake cry.
Here is another photo of Evan when he's the best
Hahahahaha. I think I'm in love...

Friday, February 17, 2012

That's word to my flag.

If you on that bullshit then I'm like ole'. I dont care what you say, so don't even speak, your girlfriend a freak like Cirque Du Soleil . That's word to my flag, and my flag red, I'm out of my head, bitch I'm outta my mind from the bottom I climb. You aint hotter than mine, nope, not on my time and I'm not even trying. Whats poppin Slime? nothin five, and if they trippin f-ck em five. I aint got no time to shuck and jive, these n-ggas as sweet as pumpkin pie. Ciroc and sprite on a private flight. Bitch I been tight since guiding light, and my pockets white and my diamonds white. 

Lil Wayne part from Look at me now

Thursday, February 16, 2012

we live in wtf generation:

Yeah, I mean you need:
WIKIPEDIA for your fuckin' projects at school
TUMBLR for awesome fotos, because we are fuckin' artistic.
FACEBOOK, for meet new people. 

For me facebook is not a wow thing. I'm nean I think that is a waste of time. Everything you do in there is seen everybody's photos, and say something "OMFG, how ugly that person could be", or "OMG, this is a nice guy", but you will never meet him. Facebook was made for people who want to find out about their old friends from highschool or college, with who they end the connection, not for young girls who like to show their boobies on internet!

I'm done!


They could be good.

Today, one of my teachers was very honest with us, and told something very-very true.
You know that awkward moment when someone that you don't think that know much about you, and you think that person will not give a shit about you. Then in one day they'll tell you, that you keep everything inside you, and don't leave the feeling come out of you, and you prefer to be lonely, and you see you like a bad person, but actually you are a good person, who wants to help every peson no matter what. Yeah, well you feel good when someone told you that, even if you don't have a relation ship with that person.
You know;;; teachers could be good sometimes even if they scream at you, and give you bad marks,...
You know, because all of us get older every year, teachers start to treat us right, like, all grow up human beings.

Ha ha ha ha, my firts post from cell phone...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bad things came knocking.

Last minutes in jail. I've been here for a  mounth, because police tought that Chris and I killed Ingrid.
My dad thinks the same thing, but he still, take me out of jail. I could not understand him. Why the hell I would like to kill Ingrid? I mean, yeah she was a bitch with me, but not like this. Dad liked to do her, at night, because she was with 20 years younger than him. Even if she behaved with me like hell, in the last year, I started to be ok with her things, and ignore her, as much as I could.
In the night that Ingrid was killed, I was with Chris, so he could not kill her.
 This is just fricking stupid.


This is it. I have to ask my dad for money. I can't leave Chris in jail, for someting that he never even made.
-I need money..., I told to my dad, like a little cat, who want's some milk.
-For what?, asked my dad
.Ahh he start to be suspicious. This is not good. He never asked e for what I need money, and because this time he asked me, shows to me that he might think hwat I want to do with them.
-Mmmm... I mean. I need money for new dresses, and shoes, and yeah... Things for girls! :)
Yeah. I'm the worst lier on the planet!
-Do you want to pay that troubled kid's bail?, asked me,  very nervous.
-I don't know.
Old fuckin' men! I never thought that he really knows me...


-I promise. I'm gonna take you out from here!
-Don't promise me that. I know that your father won't give you money.
-I don't care. I find my own way to make money.
-Please... Don't do that. You must stop doing it!, Chris breathe out, very hard. He knew what I'm going to do, and he also know that is wrong.
-I have to sell some...
-Do you realize, that police could find out abou that, and get you in prison for really?
-I don't care!
Ahhh. I have to lie him. I know that is not right, but I have to take him out from here. God, how hard is to say this:
-I promise!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Rebel girl.

White hell !!!

These past days were really -really horrible. 
I hate seeng people get hurt. You know when you watch TV, you say that everything's good, I mean nothing can touch you, and like this you can not get hurt. 
In my country, in these past day, outside was very cold, and beside this is snowing without intteruption, and this is very-very bad. Can you imagine people from some isolated villages, who have actually their houses under snow. 
This is awful.
Can you imagine some people very old, like 80-90 years, living multiple days, without food, and any heating, at -25 degrees. Can you? God.
Ahhh, today died 6 people. 
I... I wish that I could help them. 
This stupid heads, who are "so" called  MPs, are doing nothing. They reduced everything to the limit, and now they're not even honest with us. 
In some places snow is high, about 4-5 meters, and this is not normal...
Today I went to school, but I wish I hadn't, because until I get home, everything around me was completly white. 
I like snow, but not like this. 
We're not in Alaska, or hell, any other country with so much snow, where this kind of thing is normalll....
I'm really sorry for people who died. 


And now is our 'beloved' president, who in this days he is very-very happy..

Love is everywhere.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Happy V'day, for all lovers around the world.
I'm single, and I'm happy./
Last year I was depressed because I was single, and I thought that world will end, because I didn't have a date, or a guy who could buy me flowers and chocolate, and I was stupid.
If I would have a lover, our day, will be every day, because love wasn't made for just one day of the year, and I'm an optimist person, who can always believed, that Love is everywhere, even if some day seem to be dark  like hell.
Because  tomorrow schools are closed in my city, I'm gonna spend my day drinking hot chocolate, and watching a lot of movie, or read some new S.F. books. Do you have any ideas about some cool movies? Let me know. ;)
So, yeah Happy V'day.

Life in pictures.

I'm gonna post some photos made by me. 
Because my cauntry is cold like hell, look how beautiful sun can be in the morning, and how ice is eating life from plants. 

First one doesn't have good quality, because was made while my car was movingg... Too bad, because I'm pretty sure that, the photo was cool...

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Do you know that awkward moment, when you're standing in forn of your P.C., and wait for a good ideea to come like 'bang' in your head, because you just don't have any ideea for your next post.
I have a lot of idea, when I'm in my bed, trying to fall asleep. A lot of good ideas, about what I should write, what song/photo I should put, about everything, but when I'm here, I have in my mind just black, and I forget everything.
But after all this long story, there is one thing that I like to do.
I like to write some S.F. story, with vampires, witches, dragons, werewolves, and anything else like those things. I would love to post them here, but I don't have time to translate them right, because my grammar is not really good, how I'm sure you already saw, but I'm still learning :).

Did you ever had a moment like this one, when you can't find the words that you want, and the story that you want to tell?

Oughh, I almost forgot. Today I meet a nice guy! John...
And I saw, my star friend G.
(when I sad star, I meant actress)


The meaning: You can never stop bad things happen, but you can learn how to face them.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kitty, kitty, cat...

I had a cat a few years ago. I miss my little fluffy ball !!!

Why I should be sad?

 Someone asked me once why I'm not sad, about what happend.
I answered: "Why I should be? I lost a person that never loved me truly. She/he should be sad, because she/he lost someone who loved her/him.  

We're teenagers.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A thousand slowly dying sunsets.

God knows what is hiding in that weak and drunken heart. I guess you kissed the girls and made them cry, those Hardfaced Queens of misadventure. God knows what is hiding in those weak and sunken eyes, a Fiery throng of muted angels, giving love and getting nothing back.

People help the people, and if your homesick, give me your hand and i'll hold it. People help the people, and nothing will drag you down. Oh and if I had a brain, oh and if I had a brain, i'd be cold as a stone and rich as the fool. That turned, all those good hearts away.
God knows what is hiding, in that world of little consequence, behind the tears, inside the lies. A thousand slowly dying sunsets. God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts. I guess the loneliness came knocking. No on needs to be alone, oh save me. 

No more words. This chick is absolute wonderful. I mean she is only 15 yr old, and she have this wonderful voice.
I'm very tangled. I mean yesterday I was listening to Nirvana, some hard songs like Territorial Pissing, but now I need peace. Don't get me wrong. I happy even if I don't share this with everybody around me. I just need some peaceful songs while I'm doing my homework, because this is the only way that I could be totally focused on what I'm doing. Peace!
I reduced the lyric, how you can see, because there was the chorus was for too many times, and I don't like this when I'm doing a lyrics-post.
I like Birdy since her first song "Skinny Love", who was in The Vampire Diaries (TVD). 
The way that she show us her feeling, playing piano, and being peaceful is something that you could not find easily in these days, because everything's dark and cold. 
Some people say that she's ugly, and she's just copying some wonderful song. This song is written by her. I mean this are her words, and I gotta say that they're pretty good.
You know, I'm glad that I can listen good music, without seeing some boobs, and slutty girls.
She's from GB, and she have a strong British accent, that never shows in her songs. I like when this happen. Like Adele or Jessie J, who never seem to be British in their songs.   
I'm glad. I like her. Listen, please.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vlad Dracula: History

Do not ask me how I get here at this video, but I'm glad that I did.
Please take 14 minutes from your life time, and listen this video/
This is more like a history video.
This one's about Vlad Dracula. You know what is that. Oh well is a dude who lived a long time ago in my country... I've never knew all his history, and listening to this guy, who's talkin' English is pretty awesome, because I can hear my country name, without be ashamed about it, because this is an important part of my country history.
So jut please... Listen to this dude. He's right. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Motto of the day.

STOP A.C.T.A. -if you kill us, you kill the web.

You must read this. 

You know what the hell is A.C.T.A? 
I saw some videos on YouTube, where some guys were talking about A.C.T.A. First I didn't know hat is that, but then I made some search on Google, and I read some articles, where mass media was saying that A.C.T.A., is not good. I saw what A.C.T.A means, and I was terrified, because I said that this could not be possible. This thing, is Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is something that reduce our power on internet. Some dudes are going to see everything we're doing on internet, for example, posting on blog (how I'm sure that all of you from here do), uploading videos on YouTube or Vimeo, posting photos on Twitter or Facebook. They'll limit you just at words.
If you see a nice photo on web, and you're totally in love with that picture, and you want to share it with your friends, you'll probably post it on your blog, and just because you copied a link form a photo, and put it on your blog, you'll go to jail, because you pirated that photo for your blog, so you're kind of criminal. 
If you're at a party, and you want to make a video with you when you're drinking a lot of beers in one minute, and in the background is a song, you'll like that video very-very much, and want to share it with your friend,  you'll post it on YouTube, and you'll be arrested because you don't have copyrights for that damn song from background. This is dumb, right?
If you go at a  cooking course and you learn how to do a damn good chicken, you'll go home and learn your girl/boyfriend how to do it, because you just like it very much. Oh well you have done a big mistake, because A.C.T.A, is watching you, and they saw what you did. You just tell to your girl/boyfriend a recipe for free, and you wouldn't supposed to do that, so they will sent you in prison, and make you to pay a fine. Or if you've told the recipe on phone, to one of your friends, they will listen to your calls, and then not just yours, but also they will to the same with your family and friends. 
Imagine how the internet will be without videos, images, and any kind of those things. I get it, some people don't like to be copied, but this is not right. I didn't kill anybody. 
How the fu*k did world survive till now, and you come now with this s**t? 
We need to express our feelings, our pain, our happiness, our everything, because we chose, to have a blog.. 
I made my blog just because I needed a way to express my self. I never post a photo with me, because I kind of like to be somehow anonymous. Why? Because this is how people will like my character, they'll like how I think, how I write, how I express my self with shitty words, just because I like how they sound, this is how I am, and if they do this, they'll  kill me. I'll be ordinary! I'll be nothing. 
Our world will be dark and cold, because we will not have any rights. 
I couldn't shut the fu*k up about this, because this is the most annoying thing. 
What do you think about this? You'll survive without images, videos and the most important mp3's? 
Do you? 
If you'll not, please make a post on your blog where you're going to say what comes in your mind about A.C.T.A.

This is a video in English for all of you. 

And now a video in Romanian. 

Let your soul rise from the fog.

He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs, and he likes to sing along, and he likes to shoot his gun, but he don’t know what it means.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tomorrow's Monday!

Ougghhh, fuck. Tomorrow's Monday!
 A lot of work to do. I'm very-very stressed. 
God, when all this will end. 
Wish me luck!

Let's just keep it like a memory.

Yeah, let's just keep it like a memory. 
The worst weakness of mine, is that I could not stay upset with someone any longer. 
I would just like to keep you like a memory.
I berried you in the back of my mind,
I had never say something bad about your friend. I like them.
I've moved on, to my old-new friends (if I could say like it), and I have to thanks to them, that they're good to me, and don't care about anything.  
I am sincere now with all I say. 
Life goes on. Past is past.
O.k. I'm done. 


Don't get overwhelmed by people 
who try to be or look important.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Arrivederci amigo.

Arrivederci amigo. 

This is the last time, when I talking about you, because it doesn't worth.
Everything I say, you turn against me, and I'm sick about it. 
Full of shit.  I thought that you're a better person, but you're full of shit.  
You know how it says "What happened in past, in past remains!"
I think that I'm just gonna pretend that I don't know you.
I'm not gonna die, if you're not around me, stay calm. I can survive.
I'm the same old person, just you can not see me how you used to do. I'm not gonna change!
I'm immune to you.
So what do you say? I copied this one too?
"I'm not gonna crack..."  Nirvana-Lithium.