Sunday, September 16, 2012

But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard.

So tomorrow is the first day of school. Thoughts... Not really. Right now i'm chilled out, got no worry on my mind, just listen to gorgeous random songs, found on youtube, and later i'm going to take a lonnnngggg warm bath, and then go to sleep and dream about Prince Charming.  ✖ Yesterday we went to Nana FarmVille, a location where you could ride, but unfortunately I felt sick, and i couldn't get on a horse. Bleahhh.  And right now, below writing this post i'm putting the photos i've made on my computer. ✖  Now I can feel the cold weather of autumn on my skin. I love this season... it's the season of changes, of new thinking, new possibilities, new starts, it's the season that makes us all feel good. ✖ Today i bought some new awesome shoes! Yeah, I'm so happy!

Deciiii, mâine este prima zi de şcoală. Gânduri... Nu prea. În acest moment sunt super relaxată, nu am nici o grijă în mintea mea, doar ascult melodii super alese la întâmplare de pe youtube, iar mai târziu am să fac o baie caldă luuunnnggăăă, apoi am să mă duc la culcare să visez la Făt-Frumos. Ieri am fost la Nana FarmVille, o locaţie unde poţi să călăreşti, dar din nefericire m-am simţit rău şi nu am putut să mă urc pe cal.. Bleahhh.  În acest moment pe lângă scrierea acestei postări, descarc pozele pe care le-am făcut în calculator.   Acum pot să simt vremea rece de toamnă în tot corpul. Iubesc anotimpul acesta... este anotimpul schimbărilor, anotimpul care ne dă o gândire mai clară, noilor posibilităţi, începuturi noi, este sezonul care ne face pe toţi să ne simţim mai bine. Azi am cumpărat o pereche nouă de pantofi superbi! Da, sunt super fericită!



  1. Don't know many people that actually like Autumn. I have to agree, it's amazing. I actually posted a comment that magically disappeared. Sucks. But nonetheless, i like you're writing style.

  2. You write that autumn is "the season of . . . new thinking, new possibilities, [and] new starts . . . ." I never think of it that way.

    I think of autumn as the time when summer ends. When green trees lose their leaves. When blue skies turn gray. When the warm earth turns cold.

    Autumn makes me feel empty and lonely.

    Know what, Lexxie? Your way of thinking is better than mine. From now on I'll think of autumn the way that you do.

    1. I'm glad i helped you to feel much more comfortable about this season.
      Thank you for your compliment. You're really sweet! xx

  3. Ma bucur pentru tine >:d<
    Succes in noul an scolar.:*

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!
    I follow you now!! :)


  5. I love shoes, hope you will show them here ;-) Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I can't find you as my newest follower ;-(


  6. Enjoy your first day of school!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Win a camouflage tee-shirt!

  7. Have a nice day at school!! Have a good start :D

    Christina xxx

  8. such a wonderful photo!

  9. Well, please tell us about your first week of school, Ms. Lexxie. I'm betting you're the most popular and good-looking girl in your class.


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