Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012: My time to shine.

For every big thing that happend or will happen to me, I make a post, so here is my 2012 post.
Now in house is so much noise, and music is everywhere, and people talk and laugh, but I'm stuck now in front of my laptop, and write this. 
I don't know what I supose do write, so I'm just gonna put my fingers on keyboard, and write what my mind want to say. 
I should make a whish list? Neah, I don't think so. This thing is not for me. I'm not living for wishes. I just live the moment, and don't care about every shit, and think abou what  people said to me, over, and over. 

You know how is to feel disappointed? Yeah. I felt it,and I was hurting, but then I realized that I should never care about anybody but me, because in the end, when you're alone, and cry in your fuckin' bed, and think that world will end, no one is there for you.  But it's not the end of the world, it's just the begining. At some point you'll realize that you'll never care about anybody, but you. 

Everything good for everybody, and A Happy New Year. Get drunk, get high, and party like's the end of the world...

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  1. La multi ani:*!
    WE're gonna party all year long like is New Years Eve-trebuie sa iti urmam sfatul de la final, asa facem anul mai reusit


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