Saturday, December 31, 2011

Skins 6: the gang's back!

Heheheheh... I can't wait till February when season 6 must starts.
These guys are awesome, and I love the format of the series. After every 2 years they change the caracters, witch is kinda awesome thing, because like this you can never be tired of watching them.
Fuck, when I think that this can be the last season they will ever do, I begin to be nervous.
Season 3 and 4 were absolutely the best, with Cook, Efyy, and Freddie, and I fuckin hate the way that the series end, with that punch, because I don't know who won... 
I don't know what you're thinking about Skins, but I fuckin' love this TV show!
I don't know what happened but in this season appears a new misteryous guy named Alex. (I fuckin' love this name, because ohh well, is my real name. :-) )

Here are some pics from season 6 photoshoot. (I absolutely forgot, that I love Rich's new hirecut)


  1. Happy New Year !!! Thanks for ur comment ! I said that when I go to bed without remove my makeup, I look like Taylor Momsen when I wake up ! xoxo

  2. M-ai facut curioasa, nu stiam pana acum de Skins.
    E cool ca schimba personajele dupa 2 ani


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