Monday, December 12, 2011

Focus on my ability.

Rise above gonna start a war. Whatcha want whatcha need whatcha come here for, well an eye for an eye and an F for fight, takin me down is a prisoners right.
When I feel good I play under warm distress, pass it up on a better day. Well you got whatcha want you never knew, perfect gift from me to you.
Yeah yeah yeah…
Got shackles on my wings on tight, beggin makin compromise. Fast enough it's hard to hide. Sometimes I want to disappear.
(Raise up to your ability).You never knew what I could find, what could come when we realize don't no one want to compromise.
(Raise up to your ability) Yeah I'm scared but I'll disappear, run around before I'll come with you, like he's from an.
(Raise up to your ability)  I know that you wanna, cause it was easy to see, of my ability.
(Raise up to your ability)  Yeah you're undecided, yeah so I can see it. Yeah I'm gonna wipe your mind.
Focus on your ability.Focus on your ability.  Now focus on your ability, focus on your ability.
Gain again what they want to stea. Gain again what they want to steal. Gonna gain again what they want to steal. Gain again what they want to steal.


  1. This first picture is awesome :)!


  2. cum se face ca toate melodiile pe care le postezi sunt genialeee :X

  3. @Jenny: Thanks, for visiting my blog.
    @Miss Rose: nu ştiu. asta este doar muzica pe care o ascult zi de zi, iar ceea ce pun pe blog, este ca un drog pentru mine.


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