Saturday, May 12, 2012

Give me the final piece, that holds the puzzle's end.

"Ok , I've been through this many times before. Com'on. It's just 2 hours of detention. 2 boring hours.", I told myself, while I was walking the hallway. My feet know where to go. The second floor , turn to left, the fifth door on right. It's easy. I have the little black beats headphones on my ears.The song that starts is 'Black Magic'. Ha, funny. 
There it is. The usual brown wooden door, that has on it the big yellow sign, with the 'detention' thing on it. Mr. O'Conner, is already here. Damn, I'm late again. All the problem kids from school are here. I can't call myself a 'problem kid', because I have only A's, but I have sometimes bad behaviour, which always leads me to the principal's office, who's kind of used to see my face around his door.  We’re kind of buddies. I don’t know. I just love this black guy, because he is always nice to me, even when I do stupid things.
‘Hello! Can I come in?’, I asked like a routine.
‘Oh, miss  McLauren. I think this will add few minutes extra to your detention.  And, yeah, you can come in.’, said Mr. O’Conner, with a big fake smile on his face. It’s obvious that I don’t have special tratment. On contrary, they’re a little bit  harsh with me, ‘cause I don’t learn my lesson.
‘Thank you!’, I said like I was to a masquerade, where you need to be  impeccable.
All the eyes in the room are now watching me. In the room are 2, 4, yeah 5 kids. There on the left row is Jennie, the girl with red curly hair, and a blonde shy girl that I've never saw. On the center is a popular guy, that have been  last week in detention, for don't know what stupid thing... and another emo girl, with some creepy nose-ear-piercing. And on the right raw a nice guy, who just come to Devil Hallows. My boots made a strange noise when I walked on the just washed vinyl floor. I take the seat in the back, who's fortunately empty, and put my bag on the small desk. Now I'm standing behind that cute guy. 
 I spend 2 hours, listening music, and do some of my homework. Now I'm watching the big watch above the blackboard. Just 5 more minutes.
I am distracted by a small note, that landed on my desk. It's from the cute guy in front of me. 
'Do you need a ride home? I can take you with my motor, if you want to. -Luke'
Ohh, that's nice. 'He has a motorcycle, he's cute, he has big green eyes, and yeah is new, so I guess I got the big jackpot.', I told myself with some kind of quiet enthusiasm voice inside my had. I write him back saying 'Ok. I really need a ride home. -Ade' 
Now it's time to go. I put all my stuff back in my bag. 
'Excuse me.' Mr. O'Conner is wathcing me. 'Miss McLauren, you have to stay 10 more minutes. I mentioned this, when you entered.' 
Really? You gotta be kidding me! Fine... I put my gab back on desk. I have to stay 10 more minutes. 
The cute guy is turned around. I have to leave him go. I can't ask him to wait for me. I grab his arm, and he turns to me, so we can have an eye contact. 
'Hmm. Sorry. I have to stay 10 more damn minutes. You can go. Maybe some other time.', I said like I was really sorry about what happend. He looks amaizing.  
'All right. I just tought you needed a ride home. If it's ok for you, then some other time.', said with a big smile on his face. 'Look...' he grabs a pen, take my hand and write some numbers on my arm. 'This is my number. You can call me, sometimes.' He gaves me another big smile. 'Bye Ade.'
'Ok. Ok. Ok. Too much noise kids. Bye. Now go home', said Mr. O'Conner. 
All get off the class. Now I'm lonely. 10 minutes passed very hard. The sun is going down. It's 8, and I'm still not home. Rich is the only one that knows where I am. Ehhh, it's going to be ok. How I know my dad he's still not home, and Rich is probably spending some time with his girlfriend. 
'Now, you can go. Have a nice evening miss McLauren.'
I was surprised. Yeah, babe, now I can go home. Hell yeah!
'Have a nice evening. Goodbye.'
I can't be rude. At least not now.
I kick my ass out of school. I want to go home have a hot shower, and then go to sleep. I'm exhausted. The parking lot is empty, excluding a 70's red Mustang, that looks like brand new. Who the heck is that? The popular guy gets out of Mustang. 'What is he doing here?', I asked myself. He's wearing some black Calvin Klein jeans, and a normal black T-shirt.
'Hey. Do you need a ride?', he asked me.
I'm walking to him.
'Yeah I kind of need one.'
I get into the car without waiting for an invitation. He has a dream catcher caught by rearview mirror. He turns on the engine, and the car made some noise. Now we're on the road. The car looks amaizing. Everything inside is made by leather. I can feel the smell of a expensive parfume that seems very familiar to me. Someoane I know, have the same parfume.
'Where we're going?', he asked. I know who he is, and I can tell that he have a really bad reputation.
'Do you know where Blood Street is?'. Now he's going to find out who I am.
'Yeah. There is staying my friend Rich. He has a big house. You might know him.'
'Yes. I do.' And I really do know him very well.
'Oh that's great!', he said very exited.
'Yeah, well he's my brother.'
The car turned to right, and now I can see the big houses build in the Victorian style. Jake looked at me like I was a ghost that appeared in front of his eyes from nowhere.

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