Thursday, May 31, 2012

What’s a god to a non-believer? Who don’t believe in anything?

I can feel my head heavy like a bag of bones around my body. Somewhere close to me, I can feel a nauseous smell of scrambled eggs, combined with a soft smell of roses. I feel sick. Slowly I open my eyes, gently, like a little butterfly who fells like it's time came. All i can see it's a white wall with a blurry picture from 80's, hanged on the wall, and a big window on my right side, who's giving me the view a crowded neighborhood. A strange feeling come through my bones to my chest. I don't know this place. 
A little brown cat climbed the white bedsheet that's all around me, and almost suffocated me. A little 'meow' came from it's beautiful little muzzle. All i have on me is my beautiful sexy white underwear, I wore... I wore... I mean.... what time is now, day? 
A sexy guy with a black tight shirt, large jeans and eyeglasses is standing now on the doorway. He has deep green eyes, and he's looking at me. I'm pulling over the sheets, to cover my body. 


I'm really sorry but I'm not in any photo on my blog.
Anyway, I love all the comments you leave here, and I'm pretty sure they will make my day. Thank you! ❤ ❤