Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My eyes gleam looking in from the dark, I walk out in stormy weather.

I hope destiny will keep us toghether. 
Everytime this story ends bad, but this time, I just feel like is different. Like this is how it ment to be. Like we share feelings, thoughts, dreams, random moments. Like I get the best in the end. Like, I get the best I can ever get, because, I never like people around me, and  hate them too much, but this time is just different. Everytime I think I just fucked up everything, you two come to me, and talk to me, and make me feel good, like I finally belong somewhere.  I care too much. I'm not the normal kind of friend. I never was. I just didn't. I'm not talking a lot. I don't call people to spend hours on phone, because I like to see people face to face. I never judge people who're nice to me. I never to this. Like you really get me, how I am. Without fake shows, like 'whoah, I like you, but not really. I just keep you here to fool around, because I need fun.'... I've been there, I've done that. I'm older enough to see the real world, and I see too much idiots, and even the times that I look like I have my pink world, where I have everything I want, is not like that. 

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