Monday, March 26, 2012

Walked into the room, you know you made my eyes burn.

Blue jeans, White shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn. It was like James Dean, for sure. You so fresh to death & sick as ca-cancer, you were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop, but you fit me better than my favorite sweater, and I know that love is mean, and love hurts, but I still remember that day we met in December, oh baby!
I will love you till the end of time. I would wait a million years. Promise you'll remember that you're mine, baby can you see through the tears? Love you more, than those bitches before. Say you'll remember, oh baby, say you'll remember. I will love you till the end of time.
Big dreams, gangster, said you had to leave to start your life over. I was like: "no please, stay here, we don't need no money we can make it all work”, but he headed out on Sunday, said he'd come home Monday. I stayed up waitin', anticipatin' and pacin' but he was chasing paper. "Caught up in the game" that was the last I heard.
You went out every night, and baby that's alright, I told you that no matter what you did I'd be by your side, ‘cause Imma ride or die, whether you fail or fly. Well shit, at least you tried, but when you walked out that door, a piece of me died. I told you I wanted more-but that not what I had in mind. I just want it like before. We were dancin' all night, then they took you away- stole you out of my life. You just need to remember....

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