Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inspiration part 2

Last night when I've done the first "Inspiration", I couldn't finish it, because I was sleepy, so now 'm gonna continue it.

I have my own a vintage watch  like this. I really like it. And the text from photo is epic.

I really like to have a lot of jewels. When I think that last year I only have some bracelets, and some nacklaces, it's whoahh, but now I have a lot of of jewels.

I think I've never mentioned that I have 2 dogs. I love them very-very much. They're so innocent.

I'm the oldest child from my family, so I've seen a lot of little babies. When they're little are so cute, but then when they start to speak, they are like a radio, who's talking all day long, but anyways they're still cute. Sweet.

I'm a big, big fan of Pretty Little Liars, and I'm the one who discovered them, and then I've told about them to my gang (or my old gang, anyways, never mind.) I like the most Aria, and I can't wait till new episode.

This remind me that Harry Potter. Ohh, I wasn't that crazy  fan, but I can say that I enjoyed watching all the parts, and I really like the story. I'm really glad that the end, was a happy one.

Hahaha, my dad loves Oreo. He's like a young kid when he open one of those.

Look at this. Lions are the most beautiful animals on planet, and the little ones, look like some puffy cats.

Right now I have a nail polish like this one on my nails, and I gotta say that I tottaly love this.

I'm a little artist. I mean I love to draw and paint, and now I thinking about something to paint on my door, because I have a canvas in there, and I need something really fast. Whoah, I can't wait to see what I'm gonna pick. My mother just bought me yesterday some new canvas.

Hehehe, this remind me of Tom, from Tokio Hotel. I loved how he looked when he had this on his head, but he's been aged, so he need a change, and I like this new one, too.

I would love to have long-long hair, and do something like this to my hair. Right now I have short hair, and it never look how I want it to look. Bleahh.

I have this stupid thing with boys who have curly hair. I just like every guy with this tipe of hair. I just don't know why, but I think that they are the best. :) I  love this photo. 

Go on and try to tear me down, 
I'll be rising from the ground.


  1. Thank you !
    I love pretty little liars, and harry potter !

  2. Amazing inspirations except rasta hair! i don't like it!!!
    Kiss Marika



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