Saturday, January 14, 2012

On the top of the world.

These guys are awesome.
 I don't think I can do this on a top of a mountain.
I love winter, and snow (I'm very upset. This years I haven't seen any snowflake in my city, and this is terrible.)
I apreciate those guys, for their courage (even if I knew that they're doing this for their own plesure),but I also think that they're a little crazy. 
I don't know how they can fall that bad, and then they have strength to back to snowboard, and start again snowboarding.

THIS is not really the video that I wanted. I first founded a video on Vimeo, witch is a  very good footage. I hate that I couldn't find the same video on YouTube, but I'm gonna give you the link, so you can see what I liked so much about it. 

The song from the last video is Dolphin - Virgins

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