Saturday, January 7, 2012


Last night was horrible. First of all, last night was an incredible storm, with rain, and cold time. I barely fall asleep because little drops of water  have continued  to hit my window, and the wind sounded like boom, boom, boom, and it was horrible.
Today I was down town, for a walk, because today was my sister's name day, and my moom make her a surprise, and at 9, and something in the morning, we were in the car and going to theater. It was cool, but the cold weather from outside was whooaahh. After the show, starts again to rain. Don't get me wrong, I really like rain, and smells of the rain, but when I have to walk through that little cold drops it's not that cool.
Anyways, now I'm home, writing this post...
Maybe later I'm gonna write another one, with a subject that I really like, and I really need do write about that, because I want to make clear some things.

PS: Happy name day lil' sis!

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