Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life's too short for so much sorrow.

This is a quote from the AHS.

I told ya once how much I love American Horror Story, and how  much I like how Evan Peters (Tate), look. 
In just 3 days, I finished the entire season, because I liked very much.(this happend on the first days of December.)
Lately, unfortunately I can not find, another good serial how this one was. I mean I'm watching Alcatraz, and Falling Skyes, The Vamire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, 90210, Shameless, and some other, that I can't remember now, and none of those serials make me to want to see it in such a short time
I think that if Skins 6 were online, maybe that could be another serial, that I could watch in a short time, because I like it, but none other. I get bored very fast, because storyes are the same, and I just don't know. I want something new and fresh, that could keep me up all night, no matter what. 
I can not wait till the next season in October, because is such a log time... Ohhh. Bleah!
The most sensitive part from this season, was when Violet died, and Tate was trying to save her, and how he was desperate. Another sesitive part of the serial, is when Tate cries. I don't know how the fuck the regisors made him to cry so bad, and that doesn't even looked like a fake cry.
Here is another photo of Evan when he's the best
Hahahahaha. I think I'm in love...

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