Friday, February 24, 2012

I fell in love with the moon, and married the sun.

I get bored (again) of seeing the same thing again, and again, so I changed my blog view. 
Hahaha. I told ya that it will not last long...

I have so much feelings inside of me, and I can not even describe them, because those're running so fast in my mind, and then they disappear like they never been there. Then my hart starts to fell in love, and then let people fall away, with no regrets, and then become to be jealous, and then fell again in love, and keep the feeling inside, and don't let the words came out of my mouth. And after this, I do things who make me look like a fool. I stop and think hours about what I did, and then I see so much mistakes. After this I realize that I have a lot of homework, and a lot of test for the coming day, and realize that I don't have enough time to think about this. And then I woke up, suddenly, at midnight, when I see that I lost  a lot of time, have a cold shower, and then I try to fell asleep, but I can't, because I have too much worries, and after I stop thinking about this I start worry about what I should wear next day, how to do my hair, what earrings to wear, and stuff like this. Then in the morning I'm in an incredible rush, because my school is far from home. Then I meet my class mates, and start to think what we should say to teachers for leaving us without have a test in that day, because nobody learned a thing. Have a lot of laugh, "be happy, don't worry" (how the song says), and then again get back home, have a little sleep, because I'm very tired, then start to worry for the nest day. Because this is my finish year, I fave a lot on my mind.... Ahh. Just 3 mouths till the big test, and then in another 2 mouths (almost) terminal test. I need to be sober every second, but I just can't do it. So, just 5 mouths and the hell is done, then the summer comes, and another worries will come out, because I need to get were I want... And then beside all of those things, are of course a lot of idiots who make your day, to turn in a shitty one, but fortunately there are S and S, with me! 
Da fuck!@
This blog is my only escape, and every time I write in here, I feel like a take a deep breathe, and then unfortunately come to the stress. I don't care about views. I'm just happy because I know that there are some people who read my blog...  


  1. Wow this photo is just AMAZING !! So deep

    Lovely blog


  2. That photo *is* pretty cool! It's really nice to hear that people still like to use blogs for themselves, to write about their feelings and have an outlet for stress, rather than just to garner fans and free clothes.

    I hope your stress vanishes real soon! I suggest learning how to make yourself a killer cup of coffee.

  3. This picture is really amazing ! i like it !


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