Tuesday, February 7, 2012

STOP A.C.T.A. -if you kill us, you kill the web.

You must read this. 

You know what the hell is A.C.T.A? 
I saw some videos on YouTube, where some guys were talking about A.C.T.A. First I didn't know hat is that, but then I made some search on Google, and I read some articles, where mass media was saying that A.C.T.A., is not good. I saw what A.C.T.A means, and I was terrified, because I said that this could not be possible. This thing, is Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is something that reduce our power on internet. Some dudes are going to see everything we're doing on internet, for example, posting on blog (how I'm sure that all of you from here do), uploading videos on YouTube or Vimeo, posting photos on Twitter or Facebook. They'll limit you just at words.
If you see a nice photo on web, and you're totally in love with that picture, and you want to share it with your friends, you'll probably post it on your blog, and just because you copied a link form a photo, and put it on your blog, you'll go to jail, because you pirated that photo for your blog, so you're kind of criminal. 
If you're at a party, and you want to make a video with you when you're drinking a lot of beers in one minute, and in the background is a song, you'll like that video very-very much, and want to share it with your friend,  you'll post it on YouTube, and you'll be arrested because you don't have copyrights for that damn song from background. This is dumb, right?
If you go at a  cooking course and you learn how to do a damn good chicken, you'll go home and learn your girl/boyfriend how to do it, because you just like it very much. Oh well you have done a big mistake, because A.C.T.A, is watching you, and they saw what you did. You just tell to your girl/boyfriend a recipe for free, and you wouldn't supposed to do that, so they will sent you in prison, and make you to pay a fine. Or if you've told the recipe on phone, to one of your friends, they will listen to your calls, and then not just yours, but also they will to the same with your family and friends. 
Imagine how the internet will be without videos, images, and any kind of those things. I get it, some people don't like to be copied, but this is not right. I didn't kill anybody. 
How the fu*k did world survive till now, and you come now with this s**t? 
We need to express our feelings, our pain, our happiness, our everything, because we chose, to have a blog.. 
I made my blog just because I needed a way to express my self. I never post a photo with me, because I kind of like to be somehow anonymous. Why? Because this is how people will like my character, they'll like how I think, how I write, how I express my self with shitty words, just because I like how they sound, this is how I am, and if they do this, they'll  kill me. I'll be ordinary! I'll be nothing. 
Our world will be dark and cold, because we will not have any rights. 
I couldn't shut the fu*k up about this, because this is the most annoying thing. 
What do you think about this? You'll survive without images, videos and the most important mp3's? 
Do you? 
If you'll not, please make a post on your blog where you're going to say what comes in your mind about A.C.T.A.

This is a video in English for all of you. 

And now a video in Romanian. 

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