Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's just keep it like a memory.

Yeah, let's just keep it like a memory. 
The worst weakness of mine, is that I could not stay upset with someone any longer. 
I would just like to keep you like a memory.
I berried you in the back of my mind,
I had never say something bad about your friend. I like them.
I've moved on, to my old-new friends (if I could say like it), and I have to thanks to them, that they're good to me, and don't care about anything.  
I am sincere now with all I say. 
Life goes on. Past is past.
O.k. I'm done. 


  1. aahh I love the pictue! beatiful!


    1. Thanks. <3
      I think that we like the same things.


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