Monday, February 13, 2012

White hell !!!

These past days were really -really horrible. 
I hate seeng people get hurt. You know when you watch TV, you say that everything's good, I mean nothing can touch you, and like this you can not get hurt. 
In my country, in these past day, outside was very cold, and beside this is snowing without intteruption, and this is very-very bad. Can you imagine people from some isolated villages, who have actually their houses under snow. 
This is awful.
Can you imagine some people very old, like 80-90 years, living multiple days, without food, and any heating, at -25 degrees. Can you? God.
Ahhh, today died 6 people. 
I... I wish that I could help them. 
This stupid heads, who are "so" called  MPs, are doing nothing. They reduced everything to the limit, and now they're not even honest with us. 
In some places snow is high, about 4-5 meters, and this is not normal...
Today I went to school, but I wish I hadn't, because until I get home, everything around me was completly white. 
I like snow, but not like this. 
We're not in Alaska, or hell, any other country with so much snow, where this kind of thing is normalll....
I'm really sorry for people who died. 


And now is our 'beloved' president, who in this days he is very-very happy..

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