Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bad things came knocking.

Last minutes in jail. I've been here for a  mounth, because police tought that Chris and I killed Ingrid.
My dad thinks the same thing, but he still, take me out of jail. I could not understand him. Why the hell I would like to kill Ingrid? I mean, yeah she was a bitch with me, but not like this. Dad liked to do her, at night, because she was with 20 years younger than him. Even if she behaved with me like hell, in the last year, I started to be ok with her things, and ignore her, as much as I could.
In the night that Ingrid was killed, I was with Chris, so he could not kill her.
 This is just fricking stupid.


This is it. I have to ask my dad for money. I can't leave Chris in jail, for someting that he never even made.
-I need money..., I told to my dad, like a little cat, who want's some milk.
-For what?, asked my dad
.Ahh he start to be suspicious. This is not good. He never asked e for what I need money, and because this time he asked me, shows to me that he might think hwat I want to do with them.
-Mmmm... I mean. I need money for new dresses, and shoes, and yeah... Things for girls! :)
Yeah. I'm the worst lier on the planet!
-Do you want to pay that troubled kid's bail?, asked me,  very nervous.
-I don't know.
Old fuckin' men! I never thought that he really knows me...


-I promise. I'm gonna take you out from here!
-Don't promise me that. I know that your father won't give you money.
-I don't care. I find my own way to make money.
-Please... Don't do that. You must stop doing it!, Chris breathe out, very hard. He knew what I'm going to do, and he also know that is wrong.
-I have to sell some...
-Do you realize, that police could find out abou that, and get you in prison for really?
-I don't care!
Ahhh. I have to lie him. I know that is not right, but I have to take him out from here. God, how hard is to say this:
-I promise!


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