Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is everywhere.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Happy V'day, for all lovers around the world.
I'm single, and I'm happy./
Last year I was depressed because I was single, and I thought that world will end, because I didn't have a date, or a guy who could buy me flowers and chocolate, and I was stupid.
If I would have a lover, our day, will be every day, because love wasn't made for just one day of the year, and I'm an optimist person, who can always believed, that Love is everywhere, even if some day seem to be dark  like hell.
Because  tomorrow schools are closed in my city, I'm gonna spend my day drinking hot chocolate, and watching a lot of movie, or read some new S.F. books. Do you have any ideas about some cool movies? Let me know. ;)
So, yeah Happy V'day.


  1. I really like to read what you wrote down in your blog. Tell me about your favorite movie genre then I can suggest some good movies I've seen.
    Ohh and on these cold days I'm just like you. sitting on my bed ( which looks like a tent right now haha) and watchin some cool movies. Now I'm about to watch the film "hunger". A friend told me about it!
    I'm following you now - I want to read more :D

  2. ohh and can you tell me which code you use for the endless scrolling on your blog?


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