Thursday, February 16, 2012

They could be good.

Today, one of my teachers was very honest with us, and told something very-very true.
You know that awkward moment when someone that you don't think that know much about you, and you think that person will not give a shit about you. Then in one day they'll tell you, that you keep everything inside you, and don't leave the feeling come out of you, and you prefer to be lonely, and you see you like a bad person, but actually you are a good person, who wants to help every peson no matter what. Yeah, well you feel good when someone told you that, even if you don't have a relation ship with that person.
You know;;; teachers could be good sometimes even if they scream at you, and give you bad marks,...
You know, because all of us get older every year, teachers start to treat us right, like, all grow up human beings.

Ha ha ha ha, my firts post from cell phone...

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