Wednesday, February 23, 2011


death is so near
i can feel it as it comes closer and closer everyday
these pills don’t actually do anything
they don’t fix any of my problems
each pill i swallow covers up another dark day
it makes me feel as though i’m healthy
as though i’m normal
but this is not the case
give me two minutes alone with my thoughts
more things will cross my mind in those minutes then in your whole lifetime
unable to focus on any one thing
but with the ablitly to focus on many
so quickly does my mind race through these thoughts
inevitably the final thought will always be death
everything we do leads to our death
every thought that runs through our head ends in death
these pills are a pitiful attempt to slow my thoughts
slow them enough as to where i do not have enough time to dwell on death
but all i need is two minutes
two minutes to find the courage
two minutes to question the universe
two minutes to question myself
two minutes to realize that death is everywhere
these pills try to keep me from thinking of this morbid fact
but give me two minutes and i can prove this fact as wrong

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